Frequently Asked Questions

A Centrifuge is a machine that is used to separate or concentrate material elements, liquids and solids of varying mixes. Uses can be set for differing densities of liquid i.e. light or and heavy oils and differing solids and densities to separate rough minerals or fine pharmaceuticals. The machines can be designed for batch or continuous operation and loadings from a few gram litres to heavy loadings as in mining duties.

Dynamic balancing is a correction of balancing 2 planes to a piece of equipment that rotates e.g. pump, centrifuge rotor crank shaft and with ISO correction grades to advise grade and residual unbalance. Also static balancing 1 plane is exactly what it says and is unsuitable for rotating parts other than fans etc with short length to diameter ratios.

Anti Abrasive Coatings are used in many applications from standing fixed situations i.e. Road Traffic Light and Junctions (basic) to Machinery, Pumps, Rotors, Fans, Centrifuges and many others. Materials used are many and include Tungsten, Ceramics, Powder, Glass, Impregnated Resins, Silicone and Chrome combinations. All can be very cost effective in maximising machine life and minimising down time.

Metal Arc Spraying is a process where two metal conductors are melted in controlled electric arc conditions and blasted by compressed air onto prepared surfaces of metal shafts, bearings, housings, labyrinths, pump impellors and bodies. This application can be very cost effective used specifically with chosen criteria of loadings, duty, environment.

The title stands for Non Destructive Testing. There are a number of Non Destructive Tests in Engineering in modern times, common is dye penetrates magnetic ultrasonic. We use and contract use all systems that may be required to conclude quality results such as magnetic and thermal imaging, vibration analysis and dynamic balancing both in factory and, or on site.